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Presidio Eucalyptus Trees

Green + Local

The Inn at the Presidio is a green hotel in San Francisco embracing the concepts of “green and local” in ways we hope will enhance every aspect of your stay. The commitment began with the rehabilitation of historic Pershing Hall and continues with day-to day operations.

Our San Francisco Green Hotel Employs the Following Practices:

  • LEED is an environmental designation from the U.S. Green Building Council that stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. It is an internationally recognized system that certifies that a building has been designed with the environment in mind, showing concern for water and energy usage, air quality, and the careful use of resources. The Inn at the Presidio is LEED Gold certified. From energy efficient lighting to using shredded blue jeans as insulation, the most advanced architectural and construction techniques and materials were implemented as the Inn at the Presidio was renovated. Whenever possible, we reused existing features such as hardwood floors, original doors, and light fixtures.
  • Inn at the Presidio abides by San Francisco's green cleaning product list and follows the American Hotel & Lodging Association's Green Housekeeping program. The Inn only washes towels and linens at our guest's request. We compost and have a rigorous waste management program where the majority of our waste is recycled or composted, diverting it from landfills.
  • The Inn has paperless check-in and check-out.
  • The Inn at the Presidio has formed a Green Committee to stay on top of developing technologies and advancements in sustainability. Our committee trains new employees and provides oversight as we implement our daily operating practices.
  • The Inn is committed to sourcing and purchasing locally whenever possible. Our wonderful local partners include Petaluma's Torn Ranch and Telegraph Hill Robes. If we can't source from 1 mile, then we look to 5. If not able to source within 5 miles, we will move to 15-20 miles from the hotel. Almost everything is local at our San Francisco green business, including the uniforms that are stitched and sewed within San Francisco city limits.

San Francisco Green Business RecognitionWe are aslso very happy to announce that Inn at the Presidio has earned the San Francisco Green Business Recognition which signifies our commitment to a healthy environment and community.