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History All Around Us

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Bugle wall in our lobby

Bugle Wall

From the adobe structures, still in tact from the time Spain claimed this outpost as their own, to the rows of brick military buildings built in the mid-1800‘s by the United States Army, the Presidio has always been able to maintain a strong connection to its own history.

The Inn at the Presidio, built in 1903 was originally the Bachelor Officer’s Quarters (BOQ). Three years ago, it was decided that this building should be re-purposed into an Inn so that guests from all over the world would have the opportunity to stay inside the park and experience a slice of history themselves. Although many modern upgrades were necessary to make the building once again habitable, much effort was taken to honor the history of the building and its surroundings. Here are just a few examples of how the Inn kept a bit of history in tact inside and outside of our own four walls.

BOQ Directory: The BOQ Directory that hangs directly next to our front desk concierge office is original to the Presidio but not to this particular BOQ. It was found in the Fort Scott officer’s quarters in the northwest region of the park.

Bugle wall: Upon entering the main entrance of the Inn, you’ll see a beautiful display of American bugles. The two bugles on the top left of this installation are actually from the civil war. The bugle on the far left is from the Union and the bugle next to it on the right is from the confederacy.

Patio: The fire-pit which keeps our guests warm through the Winter nights (and Summer days) was designed to reflect the campfire bean pots once used by the infantry here in the Presidio.

Shadow boxes: Inside the room you’ll notice a shadowbox on the wall lined with a replica of the original presidio map along with original Army memorabilia.