Andy Goldsworthy’s Spire in the Presidio

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Our Favorite Trails

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Andy Goldsworthys Tree Line on Lovers Lane - Presidio of San Francisco

Here at the Inn, we regularly get asked about the trails in the Presidio that we might recommend as the best hikes in the area. This is always such a tricky question to answer because there are so many great trails and they all offer something unique to the hiker. Based on our own research however, along with the feedback of our guests we have compiled a list of our favorites and rated them from easy to more difficult.

Name: The Main Lawn Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Round-trip from the Inn: From 20 minutes to an all day adventure!

Description: From the front door of the Inn, turn left and the first stop on this walking tour will quickly reveal itself. The Presidio Officer’s Club which has recently re-opened to the public, is now home to multiple exhibits, educational programs and Arguello restaurant which serves Mexican cuisine and craft cocktails. From the Officer’s Club, turn right onto Moraga where you’ll see the great sprawling lawn along with a row of brick buildings on the left. These buildings once used for military purposes now house organizations like the Walt Disney Museum, the California Pioneer Museum, the Visitor Center and The Commissary which, like Arguello is a Traci Des Jardins restaurant. Walk to the end of the lawn to experience an unbeatable view of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge and imagine what the space will look like in 2018 when the Parkside Project will be complete, opening up 10 new acres in the Presidio. From there, you can make your way back up the lawn to the Inn, just in time for our evening wine and cheese reception.

Name: Inspiration Point

Difficulty: Medium

Round-trip from the Inn: 30 minutes to 1 hours

Description: Facing the forest from the Inn, this trail begins right in our backyard. It starts with a slight incline and continues to gently slope through shady eucalyptus groves and a sunny meadow until a wooden stairway leads you up to gorgeous view of the city. Take some time to enjoy the views (and catch your breath) before heading back down the trail.

Difficulty: Hard

Name: Woodline/Lovers Lane

Round-trip from the Inn: 45 minutes to an hour and a half

Description: Lovers Lane is one of the oldest trails in San Francisco as it was originally used by the Spanish in the 18th century to get to the San Francisco city center. Past that, it was the route American soldiers would take this to meet their “sweethearts” in the city. From the Inn, turn right and follow Funston Avenue to Presidio Blvd and you’ll see the entrance to a wooden path which is the beginning of this trail. It’s a continual, slight incline all the way up so do remember to bring a water bottle. On the right side of the trail you’ll pass Georgian Revival homes and and on the left hand side you pass by the majestic eucalyptus grove and Andy Goldsworthy’s Woodline installation. We recommend walking up Lover’s Lane and starting the Woodline trail on the downhill slope on the way back. Once you reach the footbridge take some time to read the markers describing the Tennesse Hollow Watershed Project which is an impressive historical revitalization of a natural stream and wetland.